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Fourteen Beyond Karate's students participated in the annual Texas Adaptive Sports and Recreation tournament.

Amazing experience of inclusion, sportsmanship, skill, and so much more.

Daniel Carroll the founder and leader of One World Karate hosted the tournament in Austin. All students had a chance to compete and show off their skills but more importantly they were celebrated!

This weekend over 60 martial artists from two schools: One World Karate &
Beyond Karate came together in Austin, Texas, to demonstrate their art,
sportsmanship, inclusion, friendship and that no matter the ability you have a
place where you can belong and be exceed everyone's exceptions.

All of this under the umbrella of One World Martial Arts Federation - for schools
who teach martial arts to students with disabilities and special needs.

Thank you Saya Daniel Carroll for being such a gracious host! Looking forward
to many more future joined events!

So proud of 12 Beyond Karate Students who participated! Let the pictures
speak for themselves!

Nakaya Sensei was born in Matsuyama, Japan. When he was 14 years old, he began to study Karatedo. He trained in mainland Japan and Okinawa. He studied under several teachers, but his main teacher was the late Chozo Nakama of Shuri, Okinawa.


Today Nakaya Sensei lives in Texas where he continues to teach Karatedo. In addition he is a noted author and an expert in history and philosophy of Karatedo.

Nakaya Sensei created Ryubukai - Ryukyuden Bujutsu Karatedo Kai, where his students practice Karatedo - Okinawan Toshujutsu and Bukijutsu.  


I was looking for a Monday Inspiration quote but then I realized I don't need one because my karate students and their parents are my inspiration. Here are some of the quotes from my students and their parents from this weekend's karate

  • "I saw my son happy today! Thank you!" - parent

  • "My son's heart grew today" - parent

  • "You should receive 'best teacher award" - student

I'm so grateful and inspired by my karate students and their parents! Thank you!

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