• Offer individual instruction and pace of learning

  • Learn self-defense

  • Learn hand strikes, kicks, and blocks 

  • Learn katas - sequence of karate moves

  • Build physical strength and core muscles

  • Improve balance and coordination

  • Improve focus

  • Enhance self-confidence

  • Improve respect of others

  • Improve discipline

  • Develop social skills, make new friends

  • Improve ability to function in a group

  • Students expand beyond their current limitations

  • Students are taught through positive feedback and encouragement


  • Students practice in a safe, playful but purposeful environment

BI-weekly opportunity for building social skills (social outing or social skills group)

is offered as a part of the karate programs.


We have very reasonable and affordable fees for every family.

Please call 972-977-7733 for a quote

Belt Tests:
Our students progress through color belts up to black belt (belt exams are optional).


Our students participate in tournaments twice per year (optional).
Tournaments are for kata performance (no sparring).