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who we are

who we are

Witek Nowosiad

Practicing Martial Arts
has been my life’s
dream. For the last
decade I have been
practicing traditional
Okinawan Karate
under thoughtful and
skillful karate master
Takao Nakaya, Shihan.


For me karate is not
only about mastering
karate skills and
techniques but also
about perfecting my
character. Practicing
and teaching karate is
my passion.


In addition, I am a
father of two daughters
and one of them has
learning differences;
however, this has not
stopped me from
introducing both of the
girls to karate practice
and values, which has
become a transforming
power in their
development on many
levels: cognitive,
behavioral, skill and


I have experience, skill
and knowledge to pass
on the many benefits of
karate to any child,
neurotypical or with
learning differences.


You can be assured of
my patience and
understanding of the
need for individual
instruction and
recognition of everyone’s difference in pace of learning.

Yee Hsun U

Sichidan (7th degree black belt) in the Nakaya-Ha Karatedo 
(Okinawan Toshujutsu and Bukijutsu) from the Ryubukai
(Ryukyuden BujutsuKaratedo Kai).

For over 25 years,
he has been a
student of Takao
Nakaya Shihan, a
noted historian,
author and teacher of traditional Okinawan 

Asia Nowosiad

I have been practicing
karate for the past
eight years, and in
those eight years I
have learned a lot! I
have learned self and
body control, patience, respect, and,


All of
these things help me
in my training and also in my everyday life. I have learned to apply these life skills to everything I do.


This is also what drove me to want to teach children with special needs.
Because everyone
deserves to learn
these things no matter their differences in
learning and abilities.


Through karate
practice everyone can
learn more; they can
learn about the origin
of karate, its values,
and how to work with


I also enjoy
doing this because I
love to see the
satisfaction of the
students when they
move up a belt they
have been working so
hard for.

Cesar Zapata

I’ve always admired
Karate, from its graceful
motions to its
philosophy of
respecting everyone.


Karate has the
capabilities of becoming
much more than just a hobby, Karate can
become a way of
permanently enriching the lives of all its students.


In the beginning I became an instructor to help the instructors, Witek and Fernando.

Soon after
teaching for a while, I started to realize the true nature of what it really means to be an instructor, to be the example of what Karate teaches for children to
follow, so they can
share what they learn in Karate to their friends and family.

Fernando Zapata

I have practiced and
taught traditional
Japanese karate
since 1984 in Mexico
and Texas, plus a
little of judo and


Since 2010, I
have been practicing
Okinawan karate
under master Takao
Nakaya, and have
assisted Witek and
Asia at Beyond
Karate since 2015.


I try to contribute with
my best efforts to the
mission of Beyond
Karate due to my
love and enthusiasm
for martial arts, but
also for very personal reasons: I am the father of a son with special
needs, who is also a
student in the
Beyond Karate

For this motive, my
commitment to this
effort is double: as
an instructor, and
also as a parent.


Also, I am a long-time
Garland resident,
with my wife and our two sons.