Awesome things are happening at Beyond Karate 🥋.

Let's hear from students and parents what's that buzz all about. 😃

Let's hear from another student - Mahir and his dad what's Beyond Karate is all about.

"It's amazing" - Mahir

Check us out at www.beyondkarate.com.

Find out what Kenneth likes about karate the most (my favorite answer LOL) and why his mom thinks Beyond Karate has a great program for kids with disabilities.


Check us out at www.beyondkarate.com

David Gee

"Our child, who lives on the autism spectrum, had asked for a few years to
go to karate. We resisted, because we didn't know if we could find a center
suitable for his unique needs. Well, we found everything and more through Beyond Karate. Witek is an architect
when it comes to teaching and encouraging. His patience amazes us,
and our child is thriving through hard
work, at his own pace. Our child has benefited socially, emotionally, and
physically. Thank you, Witek, and
Beyond Karate! "

Kathi Jaime Dover

"Beyond Karate is a Karate class designed for all children, both special needs and neurotypical. Witek is the knowledgeable black-belt instructor who leads the classes.  His incredible patience and compassion allow him to work effectively with children of
all skills the classes less structured than a typical Karate studio, which offers flexibility for students with learning differences while
still building the skills and confidence to learn the different Katas and move up through the different levels/belt colors.  There is also an opportunity to compete twice a year, but this is not required. Both of my sons have enjoyed the Beyond Karate classes and I highly recommend trying a class!

Jane Liang

"It was never in my mind or plan to sign my special needs son in any karate class. By God's grace, I
happened to know of this karate
class when I was checking out the
gym. This class has been my son's
favorite activity and it is because the karate instructor, Mr. Witek is
awesome with all children even those with special needs. Am so glad that we found this Beyond Karate and would highly recommend it to all."