OUR shihan - Takao Nakaya Sensei


Nakaya Sensei was born in Matsuyama, Japan. When he was 14 years old, he began to study Karatedo. He trained in mainland Japan and Okinawa. He studied under several teachers, but his main teacher was the late Chozo Nakama of Shuri, Okinawa. Today Nakaya Sensei lives in Texas where he continues to teach Karatedo. In addition he is a noted author and an expert in history and philosophy of Karatedo.

Nakaya Sensei created Ryubukai - Ryukyuden Bujutsu Karatedo Kai, where his students practice Karatedo - Okinawan Toshujutsu and Bukijutsu.  

Nakaya Sensei embodies the humility and modesty of true Karatedo master. His love for the beauty of Karatedo is immense; his knowledge of Karatedo is deep; his martial-arts skills are breathtaking; his leadership and teaching ability is unparalleled and admired both by children and adults. We are
grateful to Nakaya Sensei for teaching us Karatedo way of life.

Nakaya Sensei’s latest book: KARATEDO History and Philosophy, 2014. Fifth Edition, has been a sought after source of knowledge about Karatedo and has been sold in over 20 countries!

"We must continue to be thankful that we live in freedom where we can practice Karatedo openly. If you do not seek the way of Karatedo you cannot find it. Like the BIBLE says, Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it shall be given you.” The goal of Karatedo is to learn how to live with death. This trip is very long and tedious, and we should walk it step by step with certainty. I hope you will continue to maintain your courage and hard effort in your search for true Karatedo and for the best way to thank your predecessors in Karatedo.”*

“The martial art that was developed by the original Okinawan Masters is known today as Karatedo. Today most people say Karate when they mean Karatedo. Therefore, in this book Karate and Karatedo will mean the same thing. (Karatedo does not include other martial arts that use the Karatedo name.) Karatedo is more than learning physical self-defense techniques; it is a way of life. The traditional Okinawan instructors teach self-confidence and respect for others in addition to self-defense. […] Self-defense, sport, exercise and work are just a few of the reasons for studying Karatedo; however, much more than physical training can be gained by studying Karate. Karatedo offers the opportunity to develop an inner peace and healthy relationships with others, as well as the opportunity to explore your physical limitations.”*

* Used with the permission of the author.