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During our End of The Year Celebration, we celebrated each student, their hard work, perseverance and their best qualities. Each student received a non-competitive trophy. I believe each student has best qualities at some aspect of karate training.  


Excellence categories (total 10): 

Courage Award

Best Karate Spirit

Best Karate Friend

Student of The Year

End of the Year Awards Celebration 2018

Friday, December 21, 2018 at the Huffhines Recreation Center in
Richardson, TX.

Thank you for an amazing 2018 year of karate, growth, learning, friendships and
Also, we celebrated 5 Years of Beyond Karate!

Jabez is Beyond Karate's Student of
the Month of June 2018!

He is strong and fierce.

He loves the discipline, respect and kindness that karate teaches.

Please let's congratulate Jabez for being Beyond Karate's Student of the Month of June 2018.

Congratulations, Jabez!


Jordan is our Student of the Month of May

We want to congratulate Jordan for
becoming Beyond Karate's Student of the
Month of May, 2018.

We are so proud of him! He is fierce and



John our Student of the Month of April

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you JOHN, Beyond Karate's Student of
the Month! 

John is eager to learn, kind, gentle but
strong, determined and incredibly funny.
It's a pleasure to teach him.



Raisha is Beyond Karate's Student of the Month of March, 2018!

We have the pleasure to announce that
Raisha is Beyond’s Karate Student of the
Month for March 2018.



Dustin, Beyond Karate Student of the Month of February, 2018!

It's our pleasure to announce that Dustin
is Beyond's Karate student of the month!


End of the Year Awards Celebration 2017

Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at the Heights Recreation Center in Richardson, TX.

What a beautiful and festive evening! Each student was recognized and celebration for their achievements and hard work.

Karate is about becoming better today then you were yesterday, not about competing against others.

We're so incredibly proud of each student and grateful for their parents and families for trusting us to train their child.

Also, we celebrated 4 Years of Beyond Karate!

End of the Year Awards Celebration 2016

Friday, Dec. 16, 2016

Great celebration today at Beyond Karate: End of The Year Awards. So grateful for the students who work so hard. Loved the smiles and joy on their faces.

Friday, Dec. 18, 2015

Beyond Karate hosted its first End Of The Year Annual Award Celebration at Sense-Able Gym. Each student received an award based on the strength they bring into their karate training. Each category is listed by the picture along with the award recipients. At the end

End of the Year Awards Celebration 2015

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