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Our Story


Beyond Karate was founded by Sensei Witek Nowosiad who started learning Karate side-by-side with his daughter Asia (left side) over 8 years ago. During one of those classes, Sensei Witek's younger daughter, Nikki, began mimicking and following the class on her own! Noticing Nikki's interest to participate in the class, Witek immediately registered Nikki for the Karate class and Karate soon became a weekly family activity.


After some years later, Witek received the message from an owner of a local early childhood academy, Sense-able Gym. The owner was very interested by Sensei Witek's involvement in Karate as a special needs parent and inquired if he was able to teach some Karate classes at the school.


With encouragement from his Shihan (Grandmaster) Sensei Witek would soon start teaching his first classes of Inclusive Karate. Additional instructors, Asia and Cesar, later joined to help assist the class and provide a better learning experience for the students in the karate class.

Flash forward to today, Beyond Karate now spans across DFW in different locations with over 70 students with the inclusion of social events and tournaments to enrich the lives of students and parents. We are so proud of the focus, dedication and hard work of both our students and parents, as we passionately believe in the positive differences we are creating in our students' lives.

Our Logo

The logo of Beyond Karate represents  the symbol of a dynamic Karateka (Karate Practitioner) with all the colors of the belts. The movement of the karateka demonstrates the willingness to confront challenges and act with bold confidence in their skills and abilities.


The two implicit colors in the logo is the white and the red. The white color is emphasized as being the base of all karate learning, the white belt; The red as the belt of our Shihan(grandmaster) Takao Nakaya.

Beyond Karate

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Nakaya Sensei embodies the humility and modesty of true Karatedo master. His love for the beauty of Karatedo is immense; his knowledge of Karatedo is deep; his martial-arts skills are breathtaking; his leadership and teaching ability is unparalleled and admired both by children and adults. We are grateful to Nakaya Sensei for teaching us Karatedo way of life.

Nakaya Sensei’s latest book: KARATEDO History and Philosophy, 2014. Fifth Edition, has been a sought after source of knowledge about Karatedo and has been sold in over 20 countries!

Beyond Karate is part of a larger group, Ryubukai Karatedo, which is a school that teaches traditional Okinawan Karate which is led by our Shihan, Takao Nakaya. Shihan Nakaya has been instrumental in establishing Beyond Karate and we are very grateful for his leadership and guidance. Sensei Nakaya is a respected author and karate historian/philosopher among his social circles which spans internationally.

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