Who we are


Witek Nowosiad

Founder - Sensei

Practicing Martial Arts has been my life’s dream and I have been practicing traditional Okinawan Karate for the last decade under thoughtful and skillful karate master Takao Nakaya, Shihan. For me karate is not only about mastering karate skills and techniques but also about perfecting my character. You can be assured of my patience and understanding of the need for individual instruction and recognition of everyone’s difference in pace of learning.

Asia Nowosiad


I have been practicing karate for the past eight years, and in those eight years I have learned a lot! I have learned self and body control, patience, respect, and, determination. All of these things help me in my training and also in my everyday life. I have learned to apply these life skills to everything I do. This is also what drove me to want to teach children with special needs. Because everyone deserves to learn these things no matter their differences in learning and abilities. Through karate practice everyone can learn more; they can learn about the origin of karate, its values, and how to work with others. I also enjoy doing this because I love to see the satisfaction of the students when they move up a belt they have been working so hard for.

Cesar Zapata


I’ve always admired Karate, from its graceful motions to its philosophy of respecting everyone. Karate has the capabilities of becoming much more than just a hobby, Karate can become a way of permanently enriching the lives of all its students. In the beginning I became an instructor to help the instructors, Witek and Asia. ​ Soon after teaching for a while, I started to realize the true nature of what it really means to be a sensei, to be the example of what Karate teaches for children to follow, so they can share what they learn in Karate to their friends and family.