Beyond Karate Inclusive Martial Arts School Dallas Texas
Inclusive Martial Arts School
Open to Students of All Abilities
  Our Mission
To enrich lives and offer hope to individuals with intellectual
and developmental differences and their families through
making karate practice, it’s techniques and values
available to students of all abilities.
  Our Vision
Beyond Karate will teach techniques and values of Okinawan Karatedo.
Beyond Karate will be a premier, inclusive Martial Arts school.
Our Values
* Inclusion * Respect * Integrity * Hospitality
  Beyond Karate is a part of a larger karate group: Nakaya-Ha Karatedo
(Okinawan Toshujutsu and Bukijutsu) under the leadership of Takao Nakaya
Sensei, Shihan. Takao Nakaya Shihan has been instrumental in establishing
Beyond Karate. We're grateful for his leadership and thoughtfulness. In
addition to being a karate master, Nakaya Sensei is a respected author and
an expert in history and philosophy of
  Our Locations / Phone: 972-977-7733 / E-mail:
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