Beyond Karate Inclusive Martial Arts School Dallas Texas
Inclusive Martial Arts School
Open to Students of All Abilities
  The Latest at Beyond Karate
    Why Choose Us
  • Beyond Karate is the only school in the DFW Metroplex solely
    dedicated to teaching karate to students with disabilities. You
    have our undivided attention.  We have developed adapted
    curriculum so everyone can be successful in our school. Everyone
    is accepted into our school.

  • Our instructors are black belt level martial artists and are
    parents or siblings of special needs children. We understand
    your child! An   instant connection, empathy, love and care is built
    in between the student and instructor in our school.

  • We have built in into our curriculum workout routines to improve
    flexibility, core strength and endurance to teach healthy, active

  • Like no other martial arts school we have built in a social
    dimension to our program. Twice a month, our students have an
    opportunity to participate in a social outing which encourages
    friendships, connection and sense of belonging.

    We are one of-a-kind program! You will not find this anywhere
           We are BEYOND Karate.
  Our Mission
To enrich lives and offer hope to individuals with intellectual and developmental
differences and their families through making karate practice, its techniques and
values available to students of all abilities
Our Vision
Beyond Karate will teach techniques and values of Okinawan Karatedo.
Beyond Karate will be a premier, inclusive Martial Arts school.
Our Values
* Inclusion * Respect * Integrity * Hospitality
  Beyond Karate is a part of a larger karate group: Nakaya-Ha Karatedo
(Okinawan Toshujutsu and Bukijutsu) under the leadership of Takao Nakaya
Sensei, Shihan. Takao Nakaya Shihan has been instrumental in establishing
Beyond Karate. We're grateful for his leadership and thoughtfulness. In
addition to being a karate master, Nakaya Sensei is a respected author and
an expert in history and philosophy of
  Our Locations / Phone: 972-977-7733 / E-mail:
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